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Think Spring! And SUMMER!! 

As the snow melts away the flowers come out and play.

It all started with the planting of the seeds, some water, and lots of wood to fill the furnace. Flowers here at Grime Nursery are starting to bloom. We are excited for Spring to kick off another good year and to continue to watch the flowers grow and bloom. Our annuals are in bloom and looking awesome!! They are ready to find homes in window boxes, whiskey barrels ect. Come visit us at Grime Nursery today and make the outside of your home a dream come true!

GreenhouseMarch22012 012 DSC00210

GreenhouseMarch22012 028

Lettuce February 25, 2012                                          Lettuce March 2, 2012


DSC00218GreenhouseMarch22012 016

February 25, 2012                                                 March 2, 2012




March 28_2012_032

Geraniums February 15 ,2012                           Geraniums March 2, 2012


DSC00211GreenhouseMarch22012 002

Hibiscus February 16, 2012                                    Hibiscus March 2, 2012

The Hibiscus is a new plant we added to our plant collection this year. It grows to be 3-5' with a spread of 2-3'.


 GreenhouseMarch22012 003

Euphorbia March 2, 2012


GreenhouseMarch22012 008

Rose Bacopa March 2, 2012




 GreenhouseMarch22012 009





GreenhouseMarch22012 025

Petunia March 2, 2012